Worship Online Sunday 18th October 2020: God and the Pandemic – Groaning and Serving

Welcome to this Sunday’s worship time, presented today by Lloyd Walker, Sue Anderson, Barry Tattersall, Jenny Patchett and Val MacKenzie!

As we continue to explore Tom Wright’s book – God and the Pandemic, we’ll look at the writings of the New Testament – the early church. Our theme is “Groaning and Serving”

For music listening this morning, Lloyd recommends

The Servant King (By Graham Kendrick

And here’s the latest video from UnitingWorld reminding you about ways you can give gifts that truly change people’s lives this Christmas:

If you enjoyed the music featured in today’s video, take a look at the musicians behind it here:

The Neon Effect – The Dark Room Fiddler

Check out our video! 🙂 #aussiemusic The Neon Effect play their arrangement of the Dark Room Fiddler, a march by Kate BurkeMichelle Burton – harp // Catie Martin cello // Jessica Foot fiddlewww.theneoneffect.com.auDirector – Jonathan Burton www.jburtonfilm.comCinematographer – Tim MortonSound Production – Mischa Hermanhttps://youtu.be/y3geCBaBaJs

Posted by The Neon Effect on Saturday, 9 December 2017


Go from this time:

  • Not to understand all the challenges of the world – instead trust God with those cares.
  • To pray without ceasing – groaning with the Spirit when the words are beyond you!
  • To live our your calling as children/heirs of God, followers of the Servant King Jesus, and engage the world as Jesus did, with love, compassion and words of hope and transformation.


And the empowering grace of Christ Jesus,

the overflowing love of God,

and the embrace of the Spirit,

rest with you now and always,