Prayer Points Sunday 2nd June

This week’s prayers with thanks from Trekkies 


  • For the welcome rain.
  • For the wonderful fellowship in the church, especially within the small groups that meet regularly.
  • For opportunities for hospitality – giving and receiving.
  • For new insights about living in a way that reflects the Kingdom of God.
  • For the celebration of the marriage of Tony and Heidi, and for Hannah’s happy involvement.
  • For those working in the medical field – doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical scientists and the wonderful advances in medical technology.


  • For families dealing with mental health issues, and for there to be funding to provide resources for mental health needs.
  • For the victims of violent crime and their families left to pick up the fragments of shattered lives in the wake of traumatic events.
  • For police and other first responders who deal with traumatic situations every day – may they know God’s peace and strength
  • For those in our congregation grieving the loss of beloved pets.
  • For those suffering from anxiety, depression and hopelessness.
  • For the aged, the frail, those who fear losing independence, and those approaching end of life.
  • Pray that God will help us in our response to those who are not well.
  • For ongoing Reconciliation with our First Peoples, and opportunities to support new arrivals.