Uniting World Update is here

Pick up a copy of the latest update from Uniting World for supporters from the holders outside the office or from a friendly usher this Sunday.  It is great to read the stories of support from churches like St Luke’s is making a real positive difference to our fellow faith communities in other countries.  It’s also great to hear about how other congregations are creatively fundraising for Uniting World and building meaningful relationships with our partner churches overseas.


Everything in Common Gift Stall NOW OPEN

Australians received 20 million UNWANTED gifts last year for Christmas.  The gifts in the Everything in Common catalogue represent gifts that people really want and need very much.  

  • $10 can provide chickens for a family to breed and sell at market, using the profits for school or medicine
  • $25 can help kids in Timor-Leste get the nutrition they need so they can grow up strong and healthy
  • $50 can get families like Kadek’s (see catalogue cover) a goat – and with it, time in school or even university

Last year, with your help, our partners worked with 202,305 people to bring light and hope – well beyond the Christmas Season.  See Jean and her team after church every Sunday in Advent to purchase your gifts directly from the stall, or head to the website: https://everythingincommon.com.au/

Act for Peace newsletter available on noticeboard

Act for Peace, the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia, have sent their Summer 2019 newsletter, featuring encouraging stories of the communities we are helping through the Christmas Bowl and other donor activities.

2 copies of the newsletter are pinned to the office noticeboard, along with a letter from CEO Janet Cousins – feel free to read and pass them around the congregation.

Education is the most powerful tool we have to help communities to support themselves. Your gifts, together with Australian Aid, mean children in rural Pakistan, like Zarina, have access to quality education and a brighter future. Credit: CWS A/Act for Peace


Uniting World at Parliament House

Unitingworld’s Marcus Campbell writes:

This week I’ve been at Parliament House in Canberra, joining more than 200 Christians from across Australia to call on our leaders to do more for the world’s poorest.

The event was organised by Micah Australia, a coalition of churches and faith-based organisations working together to advocate for a more just world.

In small lobby groups, delegates young and old met with 94 Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum.

We all came bearing the message that Australian Aid works.  Aid saves lives, improves global health and removes barriers that keep communities in poverty.

Read more about the church’s call to raise our voices for justice here