Changes to Honey Sales

Dear Friends of St Luke’s,

Peter Gill has been looking after the Edmonds honey sales in support of the Bushikori Christian Centre in Uganda for many years.

Peter is now storing the honey at his home, and welcomes all those who are needing honey to contact him on his mobile 0428 716 578.

Winter is a good time for crumpets and honey!

(Here’s a recipe for the crumpets to go with the honey.)

Enjoy a song from the children at the centre singing for visitors from Church by the Bay in 2014:



Easter Biscuit Bake Postponed until September

A message from Beth regarding the Easter Prison Biscuit Bake:

Owing to the current COVD19 situation, the Easter Biscuit Bake has been deferred until September.  One of the reasons has been the difficulty in accessing flour and sugar.  If you have brought biscuits for the appeal today, please use them yourselves in whatever way you choose.
A very big thank-you to all who have already baked or had planned to bake biscuits in the coming week.
Beth and the Pastoral Connections team, on behalf of Prison fellowship, who organise the annual distribution of home-made biscuits to the prisoners.

A reflection from Alistair Pate – Dry Bones

Hello Friends,

Paul shared a thoughtful reflection from Alistair Pate, who is the minister at Chalice Uniting Church in Northcote and who leads a cafe church which until recently would meet weekly at a local pub in Northcote.

He writes:

“These are very difficult times. The challenge for us is to drink deep from the well of faith. To ground and root ourselves in God’s unchanging love for us, in God’s complete commitment to us, which we see made visible flesh in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That, at minimum, seems to be our task just now. Perhaps there is an opportunity here, amidst the stress and anxiety, to treat this as a sort of compulsory spiritual retreat? To develop a daily discipline of prayer, work, and recreation? I know that I have experienced significant spiritual deepening in difficult times, when I was really forced back into what is most profound. Perhaps this might be all of our experience through these difficult days ahead?”

Read the rest of Alistair’s post here:

God, You Know

St Luke’s Environment Action Group Bushfire Appeal

The St Luke’s Environment Group are growing seedlings of herbs, veggies and flowers for the bushfire victims to start their gardens and add a bit of colour.  Jean Daw is going to Bairnsdale end March for starters, with a load for the victims in that area. All pots to be at St Luke’s 11am Sat 21st March to be loaded in her car.  We may have more going to other areas as well.

If you are interested in helping, please see one of the Environment Group – Claire, Michelle, Jean, Jenny, Ian A, Ian L, Phil. 

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Prayer Shawls For Bushfire Areas

Pastoral Connections have been seeking contacts who could take and make available to those in the fire-ravaged areas some of our hand-knitted and crocheted shawls, with a card assuring those suffering that we are praying for them. We have had a wonderful response, with the following distribution numbers and areas:

  • 6 shawls and 4 knee rugs went to Orbost on 11th January.
  • 7 shawls and 3 knee rugs went to a chaplain in Merimbula for delivery to Bombala on the 19th January.
  • 5 shawls went to Bright for distribution by the UCA minister.

We still have some available to give to those in fire areas. Please contact Beth on 52436874 if you know of someone who could be comforted by the gift, or who can take into the areas for distribution.

Prayer Shawls ready for delivery

St Luke’s Community Garage Sale Saturday 22nd of February

St Luke’s is holding a Garage Sale on Saturday 22nd of February from 8am to 12 noon.


Funds raised go toward activities supported and undertaken by St Luke’s, including Men’s Shed, Repair Cafe, providing Household goods to newcomers and others in need, and much more. You are welcome to book a site at the sale and sell your own items too!

Pastoral Letter from Moderator Denise Liersch regarding the Bushfire emergency

Please find below a pastoral letter and prayers amidst the bushfires from Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Moderator Rev Denise Liersch:

Dear friends in Christ,

As the fires keep raging across the east and north east of Victoria, I invite us all to keep the people and communities of those regions in our minds, hearts and prayers.

Amidst the unprecedented intensity, veracity and destructive force of these fires, and the heartbreak they are bringing to so many, we are receiving messages and prayers of support, love and concern from across the life of the Church.

These have come from the President of the Uniting Church, Deidre Palmer, from the Moderators of other Synods who are facing their own devastating bushfires, and even from the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches.

When one member of the body is suffering, the whole body suffers with it, as we care for one another. We keep in our prayers the communities of New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia currently facing fires, and those in Queensland so recently affected.

Together we are bringing our prayers and support for those who have died; for those who have lost loved ones, their homes and livelihoods, animals and pets; for those who don’t know if loved ones are safe or not; for those who don’t know if they have homes to go back to or what the future holds for them.

We are praying for those who are fighting the fires, risking their own lives, leaving behind family and work and forgoing income, out of a commitment to protect others and our unique bush land and wildlife.

We are praying for community leaders and the myriad of volunteers donating their time, food, feed for livestock, and other items … to support firefighters and those in evacuation and relief centres.

We are grateful for the untiring dedication of those working behind the scenes in planning, logistics, supplies, transport, the Red Cross and other relief organisations.

We are grateful for those who are calming children, caring for vulnerable older ones, and soothing angry and distressed ones.

We are grateful for those who are caring for injured and homeless wildlife. Human kindness is being seen all around, as people open their hearts and homes to give of their own possessions and time to support neighbours, friends and strangers. The generosity and hospitality of so many is astounding.

We are thankful for the care, concern, leadership and service being offered by Emergency Chaplains, ministers and so many members of our Church communities in the middle of this crisis. They have brought spiritual and practical support in the form of clothes and food, and teams are already organising to commence repairs to damaged fences and properties.

From news received so far, those of our Church communities in affected areas are safe, though some have suffered damage to properties and many have evacuated. The situation is fast-changing. As needs become clearer, the ways in which further help might be offered will also become clearer.

We are in the middle of the season of Christmas and Epiphany. It is at this time that we mark the visit of a few wise strangers who recognise Emmanuel, God-with-is, present in a vulnerable child, born into a situation of threat to human existence.

In these times, we are acutely aware of the very real threat to vulnerable communities and environments from the effects of climate change, not least through drought, extremes of weather and devastating bushfire.

As we tackle questions of climate change, we recognise the influence of our own human activity … or inactivity. Amidst the threat to human life and to our unique environment and wildlife, may we see where God is with us in a different way of living: in generosity, hospitality and compassion for the people and world God loves.

May the God who walks with us, give us the strength, courage and hope we need, now and continuing over these coming days.

May the peace of God, which is beyond all understanding, fill your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Rev Denise Liersch

If you wish to help those affected by fires please consider donating to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Cadel Evans Ride Traffic information 1st and 2nd of Feb 2020

This week the church has received information about road closures and traffic arrangements for the Cadel Evans ride which goes past the church on Barrabool Rd.   The road will be closed sometime between 1:30 and 3:30 on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of February.

Refugee Sewing Group Celebrates 15 years of operation

Fifteen years ago this month as the result of an enquiry to Diversitat by the Mission Outreach Ministry Team as to how St Luke’s could support newly arrived refugees in Geelong the request came back as to ‘would it be possible to teach some of the newcomers’ mainly from South Sudan and Liberia at that time ‘to use Sewing machines’.

Some of the ladies of the Church agreed that they would be willing to teach the newcomers, and with the support of Geelong Lions and Highton Rotary as well as some generous donations of material a group commenced in October 2005.

The first group commenced in the Fellowship Room with some donated Sewing machines which were stored on the Hall Stage until we were able to purchase a set of eight machines.  Subsequently with the refurbishment of the Chapel the Sewing Group moved there. Overlockers, sewing machines and material are continuously donated for the ladies.

Since that time one hundred and ten ladies have participated in the group, thirty five ladies led by Val England have tutored and six people have driven the bus to transport the ladies to sewing.

Whilst the Sewing has assisted many of the ladies to develop skills and make garments for their family members the greatest aspect has been the interaction between the tutors and the participants and between the participants with some enduring friendships developing.

The underlying message is that the opportunity for Ministry often occurs in unexpected places, all we need to do is listen carefully and find ways to respond.