Tips for recording yourself for online presentations

Dear friends,

It has been so lovely to see our people  in our online worship and other presentations, sharing greetings, bible readings and prayers.

As one of the editors, I get to see your recordings many times and come up  with creative ways to present your contributions so that you are clearly seen and heard.

I want to encourage those of you who are “brave” enough, to consider joining the “digital worship roster”, to help present and prepare items for Sunday morning, Messy Church, Kid’s church and other opportunities we have to share the story of Jesus’ transforming grace and our lives as a community of faith.

Here are some tips for helping you to prepare a great video recording:

In summary:

  • – Smartphones are fine
  • – Record from a fixed position
  • – Make sure the light source is in front of you, not behind you
  • – Record in Landscape, not portrait
  • – Record in a quiet environment
  • – Do a test to check if you are loud enough
  • – Pause at the beginning and end of the video, and after a stumble so that the editor can work their magic
  • – Don’t be nervous! We love to see our people in our worship!

Thanks to Abigail and Christopher for their help with photos and sound effects!

We look forward to seeing many more St Luke’s faces and hearing your voices as we continue to gather virtually to keep one another safe.  If you are interested in helping to prepare a segment for one of our online ministries, please let either Paul or myself know by emailing the office – info (at)


Sunday 29th March – Worship online

Hello friends,

Here is our first completely socially-distanced online worship service:

We hope that you are safe at home and feeling connected even though we are physically distant.  If you are looking for something to sing along to, you might enjoy this version of the Hymn “In Christ Alone”:

Lent Event

2 weeks ago, New Zealand commemorated the first anniversary of the Christchurch Massacre – a tragic reminder of the hatred, intolerance and misunderstanding in our communities, but also of the beauty of people pulling together to bring solace and solidarity. Today we meet three old friends – a mix of Muslim and Christian women for whom friendship across faith boundaries has proved rich and lifegiving. Do you know people of other faiths with whom you could have a (physically distant) meal and develop stronger relationships?

Next week: Blessed are the peacemakers

Message from the Moderator

A reflection from Alistair Pate – Dry Bones

Hello Friends,

Paul shared a thoughtful reflection from Alistair Pate, who is the minister at Chalice Uniting Church in Northcote and who leads a cafe church which until recently would meet weekly at a local pub in Northcote.

He writes:

“These are very difficult times. The challenge for us is to drink deep from the well of faith. To ground and root ourselves in God’s unchanging love for us, in God’s complete commitment to us, which we see made visible flesh in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That, at minimum, seems to be our task just now. Perhaps there is an opportunity here, amidst the stress and anxiety, to treat this as a sort of compulsory spiritual retreat? To develop a daily discipline of prayer, work, and recreation? I know that I have experienced significant spiritual deepening in difficult times, when I was really forced back into what is most profound. Perhaps this might be all of our experience through these difficult days ahead?”

Read the rest of Alistair’s post here:

God, You Know

Two great learning opportunities for developing faith communities

March is a busy month for learning about new ways of doing faith and discipleship.  If you’re interested in exploring faith for the 2020s and beyond, sign up!

Register here:

To register, please visit

For more information, contact Mat Harry on


Study with the University of Divinity

St Luke’s has received correspondence from the University of Divinity asking us to make this information available to members of our community – brochures are available from the holders outside the office.

“The University of Divinity is a learning community comprising eleven colleges based in three Australian states and online, offering a broad range of opportunities to address the issues of the contemporary world through critical engagement with Christian theological traditions.  We offer a wide range of courses at all levels from undergraduate diplomas to higher degrees by research (PhDs).

We equip students from all walks of life, including those interested in the academic study of theology, exploration of the Christian faith, personal growth, ordained ministry or training as a lay worker.

Applications for new students are open now until late-February 2020.  We would be delighted to offer personal course advice to any interested members of you community.”




Advent Study Resource – “Our Hope” and other things

The Equipping Leaders for Mission Unit has produced a resource for Uniting Church folk to use in devotions for the Advent season.  You can download it here or pick up a printed copy from the office.

2019 Advent booklet final

Other resources for you to use at home include:

“In light and darkness” – an Illustrated Advent for Families

Advent Conspiracy 4-7 years

Advent Conspiracy 8-11yrs

There are many more home based resources from the Advent Conspiracy folk which you can find here

We hope that this time leading up to Christmas is one where you can make time to worship fully, spend less, give more and love all!



Baptisms and Confirmations at St Luke’s Sunday 24th March

Join the congregation this Sunday to welcome and pray for Aphra, Eli, Lillian and Abigail as they take the next step of commitment in their journey of faith. This is a very significant time and also a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to following the way of Jesus in your own life.

St Luke’s Lenten Studies 2019

Small group sessions are a great way to deepen faith and relationships with your community.  Register now for our 5 week series exploring where God is calling us now as a faith community seeking to follow the way of Jesus.  Stay tuned for group session times and locations –  Members of Seekers, Trekkies, Praise and Worship, and Day 41 groups are already signed up to go!