Sunday 28th June: Online Worship – Jesus was a refugee

A special welcome to the members of the Belmont Congregation of the Uniting Church who are sharing with us this week and next week, while Rev. Ikani Vaitohi is enjoying a couple of weeks of very well-deserved leave.

We are reflecting this week on the experience of refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, migrants … those who have left their places of birth and set out on journeys to new lands.

As part of this service you will hear the story of Shoghig Araboglian and her family.  We are very grateful to Shoghig for sharing her story so that we can all grow in our understanding.

Thanks to Sue, Shoghig, Marina and Shaghek for helping to present worship today.   Thanks also to The String Contingent for granting permission to use their evocative music in today’s video presentation – an amazing and generous group of musicians, some of whom have spent time in Afghanistan teaching music at the Afghan National Institute of Music in 2016.

For a song today you might enjoy this version of “The Blessing” sung by people from churches all over Australia, including some Uniting Churches and some Geelong churches – an ecumenical project!

If you would like to hear more stories from refugees in Australia, see these stories recommended by the Refugee Council of Australia:


Some local folk who have attended the Sacred Edge Festival in the past will recognise Mariam Issa, a “festival favourite” introducing a Global Storytelling night for Refugee Week 2020:

You might like to make this your “Family Movie night” this week!


May the grace of Christ attend you,

the love of God surround you,

and the Holy Spirit keep you,

this day and forever.