Sunday 19th July: Online Worship – Spiritual resources in the time of COVID-19 “Grace”

Friends greetings!

Grace and peace be with you.

We are truly known by God from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes … there is not a thought we have ever had that is not known to God …

And rather than this being something to fear … this is so liberating!

God knows us, loves us, accepts us … as we really are!  There is an old word for this, Grace!  Grace… Undeserved favour.

Thanks to Nilu and Sahar for helping out with readings and prayers this week!

You can watch the service here:

If you are after some more listening music, you might enjoy this offering “Shelter me” from “Spiritu”:

Those of us in the areas of Victoria that are not at level 3 restrictions want to assure those of you who are that you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

Go forth into the world in peace;

be of good courage;

hold fast that which is good;

render to no one evil for evil;

strengthen the faint-hearted;

support the weak;

help the afflicted;

honour all people;

love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.