Sunday 12th July: Online Worship – Spiritual resources in the time of COVID-19

Dear friends,

Recent events have demonstrated clearly that COVID-19 is an aggressive virus which will not be easily thwarted.  As a people of faith, we have resources to support us through these days.

In our last worship video we reflected on the hope Jesus offers, summarised in the words of the great invitation   “Come to me all you that are weary and carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest.”

Today we will be exploring some more resources of the faith.

As part of this we will hear from Rhonda Dingle who will offer some guidance for stilling our souls and minds … and opening ourselves to God.

For singing this week, Beth recommends “Great is Thy Faithfulness” – you might enjoy singing along with this gently acoustic version from Maranatha Music:

To learn more about Christian Meditation, Rhonda recommends

“Mindfulness and Christian Meditation” by Tim Stead

available through The Wellspring Centre in Ashburton and also Book Depository.

Big thanks to our helpers this week:

Rhonda Dingle, Western Heights UC (Being Still segment)

Shaghek Qassabyan (Bible Readings)

Abigail and Zoe Hodge McAvaney (Prayers)



May the grace of Christ attend you,

the love of God surround you,

and the Holy Spirit keep you,

this day and forever.