Sunday 10th May – Online Worship: Easter 5

Photo: Eric Sanman, Pexels

Hello friends!

This week our online worship focuses on Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and the image of the church as a “Priesthood of all believers” – this is borne out today, where much of our ministry takes place within our own homes, in calls to friends and neighbours and simple acts of kindness to one another and to strangers we may meet.

Thanks to Yousef for presenting this week’s readings to us, and to Zoe for reading the Lord’s Prayer.

You can watch this week’s online worship from 9:30am on Youtube here:

For singing at home, you might enjoy this song from “The Jesus Record” by Rich Mullins and A Ragamuffin Band – “That where I am there you may also be” based on today’s gospel reading:


Paul mentions the Christian Churches in China and their home based gatherings – you may be interested in learning more in this story from SBS in 2017:

Our prayers also focus on those in need – through hunger, loneliness, or ill-health.  Uniting, our church welfare agency, plays a strong role in supporting people on the margins of our society and you can follow some of people’s stories here:

Recognise anyone in this photo?  Some of our St Luke’s Messy Church leaders met via Zoom with others across the Presbytery to share ideas for how to do Messy Church online – stay tuned!

If you’re taking the opportunity to visit other churches during the COVID19 lockdown, you might like to drop in to the UCA Assembly Facebook page for a livestreamed service with Rev Sally Douglas from Richmond UC –

Finally, this week we farewell Olive Hunt, a beloved and warmly remembered member of St Luke’s.  “She was such a humble, elegant lady, always there for other people.”

Olive Hunt









Stay well friends, and remember this Wednesday morning at 8am will be our first Zoom prayer meeting from our Facebook Group.