Mission Outreach

Mission Outreach Ministry Team Leader position is currently vacant for further information contact Rev Tony Johnson- Ph. 0421 331 894

As a community church we aim to reach out to people at their point of need, striving to meet their needs and supporting them in their life journey. This team focuses on developing strategies and plans to do this, whether by providing direct assistance, taking an advocacy role or promoting the examination/debate of community issues from a Christian perspective. Initiatives from this team include:

  • Refugee support. From provision of, and assistance in accessing rental accommodation, household resources and other support for families to resettle into community life. Conduct of sewing and cooking classes for adults, reading tutoring for children etc. A Refugee Loan Fund has been set up to provide small interest free loans to people who require financial assistance to enable family reunions and to provide micro credit for new arrivals to establish small enterprises.
  • Support of World Vision through child sponsorship, and of Bushikori orphans and widows in Uganda.
  • Support of Lenten and Christmas Bowl appeals.
  • A Men’s Shed has been initiated and established on site to reach out to men in the wider community.  Open every Tuesday morning, and on Thursday morning by demand.
  • Art Shows focussing on issues e.g. the plight of refugees, the environment have been conducted.

There have been many other “heart bursts” or initiatives originating from congregational members that can be considered as outreach activities, but which exist and are championed by small groups or individuals.

For example:

  • Fairtrade promotion. St. Luke’s is now a Fairtrade church.

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