Pastoral Connections@StLukes

Pastoral Connections Ministry Team Leader is Pam- 52439575

Pastoral Connections affirms that every person is valuable to God. This Ministry Team seeks to care for and nurture the family of St. Luke’s and the wider community through welcoming, fellowship, visiting and prayer.

It also encourages the establishment of interest groups with connections being formed through worship, study groups, small interest groups, special functions and in homes.

  • PRAYER LINK – Prayers are received through the weekly Pew Cards,by telephone and by email. This is an important part of our faith life providing a link for anyone requiring prayer and/or support.
  • SMALL GROUPS – There are over 30 active small groups within our fellowship. Each group pastorally supports, nurtures and cares for those attending. New members are able to link to a small group of their interest. Groups include Faith, Special interests, Social and Outreach plus our Connections, Education, Mission Outreach, Resources, Worship and Communication Ministry Teams. More detailed information is available under the Small Group link.
  • PEW CARDS – Found on the back of each pew, these are a vital part of connecting with one another. Everyone is invited to fill in a Pew Card to request prayer, to share news, to advise of any change in  personal details such as address or  phone number and to enable you to make constructive comments.
  • VISITATION – The Foyer Connections Team welcomes those visiting with us, and takes the opportunity to follow up those who request more information. An active hospital/home visit group provides meals and support when needed. In addition, home communions are an important part of the Connections team’s  pastoral ministry.
  • FELLOWSHIP – Morning tea, following worship services, provides an opportunity for those present to enjoy a time of fellowship and to meet and welcome visitors. Regular fellowship activities are planned and take place during the year, including an informal picnic, BYO-to share luncheons and Christmas Eve BBQ prior to our Jesus’ birthday party service.