October Messy Church

Hi Messy Church Friends!

Our next Messy Church Zoom will be 4:30pm Friday 23rd October- put it on the calendar! Our theme will be “Paul and Silas in Prison” which you can read in Acts 16 v25-34 in your Bible. Its an action packed story.

Paul and Silas in prison – image by Sue Bentley https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Some great things are happening during our actual Messy Church Zoom and you need to get a few things together before our fun time.

Before the meeting have ready :

  • Lego- we are going to build a prison or a jail and we also need some people- Paul, Silas and the jailer and his family
  • Plus, think about what you could use in your house to create a big noise- the sort of noise that might sound a bit like an earthquake!!
  • This printed puzzle sheet to print out that you can colour in as we tell the story in Messy Church.  Paul – Silas in prison Puzzle Sheet

Sounds an exciting story exciting doesn’t it? There is also a Baptism in this bible story which makes it special.

Ask about your Baptismal day, or think about some Baptisms you have seen- what happened? You might have something from that day – a candle maybe or a photo or even the outfit you wore that you can share with the rest of our Messy church family.

Contact the office for the Zoom link if you haven’t already received it in the email.

We miss you, we hope you’re well and safe, and we look forward to seeing you again on October 23rd.

Love from St Luke’s Messy Church Team- Paul, Shaghek, Barbara, Jean, Judy and Robyn