Resource for parents and congregation – Growing up Together

Growing up together – Intergenerational rituals to mark rites of passage in the lives of children and young people

Growing Up Together is a FREE intergenerational resource is for multi-age households, small groups and communities of faith committed to growing up together in worship, witness and service.  Growing Up Together comprises an overview of the place of rites and rituals in the lives of young people and their communities plus liturgical resources for marking these significant occasions. Growing Up Together contains resources for recognising and celebrating, in an intergenerational way,

  • A new sibling
  • Starting school
  • The first job
  • Transition from adolescence to young adulthood
  • Leaving home
Messy Church is one place we can mark special transitions. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stoel

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Uniting World at Parliament House

Unitingworld’s Marcus Campbell writes:

This week I’ve been at Parliament House in Canberra, joining more than 200 Christians from across Australia to call on our leaders to do more for the world’s poorest.

The event was organised by Micah Australia, a coalition of churches and faith-based organisations working together to advocate for a more just world.

In small lobby groups, delegates young and old met with 94 Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum.

We all came bearing the message that Australian Aid works.  Aid saves lives, improves global health and removes barriers that keep communities in poverty.

Read more about the church’s call to raise our voices for justice here