Weekly Update Sunday 17th October

Weekly Update 17th November 2019

Photo credit: Ash Hogan, Flickr


God of life and death,

our prayers today are where our hearts and minds

have been during these last days

and where they have been drawn so early in this season;

with those communities and individuals

whose lives have been damaged

in differing ways by the bushfires.


We pray for all those who have been affected;

for the families and friends of those who have been killed.

We pray for those who are missing,

for their safety, for the fears of those who love them;

bring each one safely home, we pray.


We pray for those who have been injured and survived:

for physical and emotional trauma;

for the fear and helplessness experienced;

for the anger and frustration at the injustice

of unavoidable disaster.


We pray for those who have lost their home and property

or are facing such loss:

for those who have been forced to leave

their memories and belongings;

for the fear & disorientation of all involved;

Heal them from their nightmare memories.


We are aware of those who have lost stock,

or are watching their stock suffer

sometimes with inevitable consequences;

we are conscious of those

who are struggling to find feed and water

for the stock under their care.


We pray for all involved in fighting the fire:

for our Rural Fire Service and their leadership

and all those we know and those we do not know;

we pray for courage in a place of fear;

for new strength in the face of exhaustion;

for people who have travelled distances

in order to resource those who experience fatigue.


We pray for all who offer support and care at this time:

for the various agencies, churches and community groups;

for disaster response chaplains;

for government services as they are activated;

for friends and neighbours, known and unknown;

for providing a shoulder upon which to lean, or weep;

we give thanks, too,

for the generosity of many, in small and large ways,

towards those who are struggling.


We are mindful of the days, weeks and months ahead,

for many dangerous days yet to come,

for seasons of recovery and rebuilding,

of homes, farms, lives and communities;

we pray for strength, courage, patience and hope

as grieving continues,

as frustrations rise

and inevitable changes occur.


We pray, too, knowing that we are entering a harsher climate,

less predictable and more volatile;

as we care for each other, help us to care for your creation,

to be worthy stewards and advocates

of all which you have made.


Keep us faithful and alert

in our praying and our action;

in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Rev. Simon Hansford, Moderator of the Uniting Church in NSW and ACT

2019 Pillow appeal

Pillow Pledges introduced in 2017 has proved very successful and we are forever grateful to those who have supported us in the past.  We are asking once again for donations.

As we live out St Luke’s Mission outreaching to Refugee, Asylum Seekers and other people in need, we provide new pillows, and under strict health regulations on pillows we can only provide ‘new’ pillows when needed. April and November are the months when we ask for your support when running these Appeals.

Will you pledge one (1) or two (2) pillows during our November Pillow Appeal? $10 Buys 1 Pillow     $20 = 2 Pillows, etc.

Rae Anderson for Mission Outreach Ministry Team.

Refugee Sewing Group Celebrates 15 years of operation

Fifteen years ago this month as the result of an enquiry to Diversitat by the Mission Outreach Ministry Team as to how St Luke’s could support newly arrived refugees in Geelong the request came back as to ‘would it be possible to teach some of the newcomers’ mainly from South Sudan and Liberia at that time ‘to use Sewing machines’.

Some of the ladies of the Church agreed that they would be willing to teach the newcomers, and with the support of Geelong Lions and Highton Rotary as well as some generous donations of material a group commenced in October 2005.

The first group commenced in the Fellowship Room with some donated Sewing machines which were stored on the Hall Stage until we were able to purchase a set of eight machines.  Subsequently with the refurbishment of the Chapel the Sewing Group moved there. Overlockers, sewing machines and material are continuously donated for the ladies.

Since that time one hundred and ten ladies have participated in the group, thirty five ladies led by Val England have tutored and six people have driven the bus to transport the ladies to sewing.

Whilst the Sewing has assisted many of the ladies to develop skills and make garments for their family members the greatest aspect has been the interaction between the tutors and the participants and between the participants with some enduring friendships developing.

The underlying message is that the opportunity for Ministry often occurs in unexpected places, all we need to do is listen carefully and find ways to respond.