Everything in Common Gift Stall NOW OPEN

Australians received 20 million UNWANTED gifts last year for Christmas.  The gifts in the Everything in Common catalogue represent gifts that people really want and need very much.  

  • $10 can provide chickens for a family to breed and sell at market, using the profits for school or medicine
  • $25 can help kids in Timor-Leste get the nutrition they need so they can grow up strong and healthy
  • $50 can get families like Kadek’s (see catalogue cover) a goat – and with it, time in school or even university

Last year, with your help, our partners worked with 202,305 people to bring light and hope – well beyond the Christmas Season.  See Jean and her team after church every Sunday in Advent to purchase your gifts directly from the stall, or head to the website: https://everythingincommon.com.au/